The Thyroid Solution, written by a medical pioneer and an outstanding figure in the field of thyroid research,Dr. RidhaArem, offers the necessary information to support you to solve the diseases caused by the thyroid. It is a practical program intermingled with the latest discoveries, accessible to anyone interested. The book teaches you that balancing your […]

  In life, deception may come from many different parts. It may come from people we know, from words we hear, or from our own memories. The worst part of deception is that it may come from the least expected source – ourselves. Our bodies may always have buried secrets, but we should always fight […]

The Thyroid Solution comes to the aid of millions of people, the majority of them being women, who suffer of a thyroid imbalance. This means that their lives are deeply affected, both physically and emotionally. Weather they are misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all, they struggle with weight gain, mental anguish, tiredness, and many other […]

The Thyroid Solution is a book written by Dr. Ridha Arem, specialist in Endocrinology and Metabolism. Have you ever wondered why none of the diets you’ve tried are working out for you? It might be that it is not just your hectic meal schedule or your lack of exercise, but that your thyroid is making […]