Thyromine Helped Me Enjoy Life Again – Read How


Hello and welcome to my honest review of Thyromine – The #1 Thyroid Health Supplement!

My name is Jane Hanson, I am 29 years old, and I work as a nurse in Columbus, Ohio. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism about one year ago. Because of my condition, I could not focus at work and I could not find the energy to do anything in my private life.

My prescription medication made me feel sick and I knew I needed something more than that. Luckily, a colleague from work recommended me to try Thyromine, which he said it will compensate the side effects of the prescription medication. I decided to try it because I trusted my friend and, exactly as he said, I started feeling much better in a few weeks!

Because Thyromine helped me in such a positive way, I decided to write this testimony to help other people like me find a good treatment for hypothyroidism.

As I mentioned before, the worse part about my hypothyroidism was the absolute lack of energy. I used to feel so fatigued, that it took me great effort just to get out of bed in the morning; I wanted to sleep for ages (I’m sure you know that feeling all so well). However, after only a few weeks of using Thyromine, I started feeling alive again, joyful and energetic; it was as if a healthy summer rain washed the dust out of my body – I felt like my old self again.


As any other woman, I always want to look at my best; unfortunately, hypothyroidism changed my appearance too. My hair looked awful, it was very dry, it had lost its brightness, and it even started falling. My skin was also in bad shape.

Furthermore, on top of all these, I started gaining weight too. However, after using Thyromine, all these problems disappeared. My hair and skin look healthy again and my weight is back to normal. I am very happy to say that I achieved all these by ingesting only natural ingredients.

This is because Thyromine contains only natural extracts that are thoroughly tested for their quality and healing powers:

  • Thyroid and adrenal powders from bovine — Because the thyroid and the adrenal glands function together, they must be treated simultaneously. These two powerful ingredients, extracted from healthy, organic fed animals, are highly effective in restoring the thyroid’s and the adrenal glands’ health;
  • Ginger Extract — Ginger maintains your cholesterol at normal levels, and it also helps treat nausea and digestive problems;
  • Indian Long Pepper — It aids metabolism and helps your thyroid produce a greater amount of hormones;
  • Guglipid — Guglipid is an Ayurvedic medicine that has been used in India for centuries to control weight and maintain overall health. Research has shown that it also keeps cholesterol at a healthy level;


  • Nori — This Japanese seaweed is rich in vitamins, proteins, fiber, and iodine. All these elements are very important for the thyroid gland’s health;
  • L-tyrosine — This natural amino acid helps the thyroid to function properly. L-tyrosine is also known to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

Thyromine is 100% natural and highly effective in ameliorating hypothyroidism symptoms. It can regain your vitality, help you lose weight, strengthen your bones, and improve your metabolism. Moreover, unlike some prescription medications, it has absolutely no side effects.

I am extremely glad my colleague convinced me to sustain my prescription medication with an alternative treatment. After using Thyromine, I highly recommend it to other people that suffer from hypothyroidism. Try it and you will become this joyful, dynamic, and healthy person, just as I did.

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